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Latest Comments for 303-802

January 9 12:09 am
I am with verizon and I have the iPhone 5c and I get these 0 calls several times a week. The coincidence is is that they always call at the times I cant answer, like really early in the morning. I need to answer considering I have to tell them not to call me and ask them who it is, but when I call back the recording says that this number cannot be dial and it says to try again later then it just hangs up.

January 28 11:17 am
My friend is new to my school and he calls me from this number sometimes. It is shared with other people but i dont think its used to harass people i think they either got a wrong number or are just kids prank calling people which i know should not be done but i think they are just messing around i dont think they are doing it with bad intentions

January 8 6:17 pm
you have been selected to recieve a FREE apple product.just go to

January 16 10:56 pm
Did not answer...didnt leave a voice number did not know who it was...Blocking their number

January 23 3:03 pm
Keep getting calls from this number but just hear beeps when I answer.

January 16 11:44 am
Keeps asking about cart loan

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