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Latest Comments for 303-887

January 11 5:31 am
I received a call from this number. A three-word message was left (partial and not understandable). When I returned the call, there was a brief message about the office being closed and the hours open. Isnt there something illegal about making calls like this?

January 21 11:57 pm
Ive never been to the state of Illinois and I know nobody from the state. After I got a call from this number my phone started to act up and is now completely not working. I advise people to not answer calls from this number.

January 25 5:22 am
Ive had Verizon for a while about 3 years and not one have I gotten a call from this number but i am starting to get the them

January 7 10:13 am
Bank of America Fraud Protection. Not Spam

January 10 12:43 am
They keep calling over and over again.

January 8 12:10 am
@ Dummy -  How did you get scammed?  I got a telegram today saying "Urgent please call"  I've have debt collectors call me up about $3 overdue fee's for late movie rentals, but I've never had a telegram sent out =/  It's a little odd.

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