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Latest Comments for 304-436

January 3 11:13 am
Just got a call from this number. Wrote it down while it was ringing. Finally picked up, waited about 7 seconds and finally said YUP. No one answered. I often times pick up phone and just set it down and leave it for about a half hour. And sometimes I pick up and say Hello, Joes Pizza, how can I help you? They dont respond, haha. I have learned over the past couple years, ANYTIME you get a call from an ODD number or any 800 number, it is ALWAYS a strange telemarketer, usually with a strange accent. Have FUN with these whachos. Dont let them upset you. If they say you have a Windows issue, respond with Thats very odd, I have an Apple Laptop and dont use Windows, so Please explain HOW I am having Windows issues? ;-)

January 11 5:43 pm
text msg claiming that I won a BestBuy card - $1000. Claim prize at Enter code kwybkrfkbr total SCAM...

January 21 4:00 pm
Same as No contest....exact same script.  Only difference was the name of the "Prize Coordinator" and the extension was changed.   Was told to "call within 48 hours, or all prizes will be forfeited".   I think I'm willing to risk it.  SCAM!!!

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