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Latest Comments for 305-250

June 20 1:26 pm
Immediate hangup. I cannot find any information online. Blocked.

June 20 4:13 am
How strange! I just ordered Flex Seal and suddenly I started getting these calls.

June 20 6:38 pm
Have been on the do not call list for years and still get calls from companies and people selling things every day.

June 20 4:29 am
Tried to sell us something

June 20 3:55 pm
I believe this is from the American Bar Association (ABA). They have been calling my house repeatedly at about the same time every year for the past four years. They use the 312 area code with a 219 prefix. They will call about 20-30 times over a 3 month period and then stop, but then a year later it happens all over again. I have probably answered about 50 times from all of their numbers, but there is never anyone on the other end and nobody ever leaves a message. I think they are trying to contact a lawyer.

June 20 7:28 am
I forgot to leave you  my e-mail address. It is  Thank you Sivcerly Loren ( it was about

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