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Latest Comments for 305-263

July 30 9:10 am
this person is talking about doing bodily harm to my family.

January 26 12:31 pm
Rite b4 I got the call my dad got it and before he got it my cousin got it then her friend got it and my aunt got it and my grandma got the call 20 minutes ago My aunt answered the call and they said she owed them 100$ My dad said he herd it was a prank number and not to answer it

January 25 11:26 pm
got the same message from 09322212094

January 21 2:31 am
call block them use codes ( 000 000-01) (100-000-0) (000 000-0) they work for me have not got calls in three months.

January 5 7:30 am
Avr and they were offering travel dollars for a survey I never took

January 24 9:55 am
Same on Verizon network.  Deleted and alerted 5/3.

January 11 4:34 pm
pie comes out of the phone

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