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Latest Comments for 305-491

July 30 4:20 pm
It is feature films for families. They specialize in good clean movies for kids and families. Some really good stories and lessons. But they can be pests. You will get calls from all over the us. They have calling centers everywhere.

July 30 8:43 pm
I have this number blocked, but I continue to receive 2 or 3 calls from them every day. Since my blocked calls ring once, then disconnect I know its a blocked call and never answer.

July 30 9:52 am
This is a West Virginia area code. And the tracker says she's close to Charleston, let's go get her!!!!!!

July 30 12:48 pm
Wouldnt say who they were

July 30 11:48 pm
Got a call to participate in a survey. Just random questions and after the last question they said "Congratulations! You have won an all inclusive cruise to the Bahamas!"  And someone will contact me within 24 hours to give me information. About 10 min later a woman from Florida called and asked for a major credit card to pay for international water taxes for $159.00. I said I don't have the money and she said I could use a credit card. Thank God I don't have a credit card cause I would have gotten scammed big time! After I hung up with her I realized I was a few numbers away from a scam! If they say "FREE" and ask for money.. Hang up and block the number. These people are good at swooning you over with the thought of clear water beaches and piƱacoladas. I hope you don't get scammed!

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