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January 16 6:23 pm
This number called my sister today & left a message (or text?) saying it was HSBC calling to alert credit card customers about a security breach &/or suspicious activity on their account, etc... The call-back number they gave was (917) 754-9568. My sister has no HSBC credit card, so at first she thought maybe it was about our mom's credit card. But they called my sister's cell phone, which isn't listed anywhere on Mom's account -- so it's obviously some sort of scam. Mom called HSCB (at the number listed on the back of her card) & they said there’s no such alert and that the call wasn't from HSBC. Might have been worse if they called Mom at home and spoke to her directly. She never heard of automatic phone dialers and might not have suspected anything -- and being "on the spot" with no time to think, it might not occur to her that they should tell HER the account number, to prove who THEY are -- not the other way around.

January 1 5:51 am
Selling insurance. This is a spam.

January 15 12:23 pm
With all do respect Mike, you sound like an educated man, but you are incorrect in a few points you stated.  The utility companies in deregulated states are the ones that actually send out literature 4 times a year as required by the Public Utilities Commission.  It's just a 4x6" insert stating that we as a utility company are no longer able to "supply" your electricity only deliver it.  It also states you have the option of choosing from any one of these suppliers or we will do it for you.  Furthermore, when they do it for you, you are actually charged an additional fee for this "customer charge" on your bill.  The utility companies have to purchase your electricity already from one of these suppliers every month and do so on a "variable" rate...basically whatever the market has to offer.  Sometimes they can guarantee a generation rate for a few months and its known as your SOS or standard offer service.  Most suppliers offer 2 different options, a really appealing and low introductory rate, which after the 1, 2, or 3 month introductory period goes on to become a variable rate, which will fluctuate month to month.  You really are at the mercy of the supplier at that point; the better companies will keep you considerably lower than the utility rates, and obviously the worse suppliers won't.  There is no commitment or fees for terminating service for a variable rate(most of the time).  The other option is a "fixed" rate, which if it's a good rate is always in your best interest.  Instead of selling your electricity each month to the utility they look at your typical usage and purchase your electricity upfront in a

January 22 1:58 pm
""XXXXXXXXXX   NY" - scammers are calling again..

January 18 10:07 pm
It starts off "If you are a senior....." and it's about getting some type of security system. Every day I get this call like clockwork. And I pressed the One when they said to press one, hopefully to tell them to leave me alone, it doesn't work. It keeps repeating, "press one..." Annoying.

January 14 10:47 pm
Credit card company trying to get me to change companies. Message was automated.

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