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Latest Comments for 307-684

January 21 12:17 pm
Hey man did they answer u ??? did uknow what they want cause they have just called me too and guess what i was sleep too ? i am Egyptian too by the way

January 1 1:21 pm
Sallie Mae..relentless for no apparent reason.

January 8 1:05 pm
Just being harrassed by my ex and his threats

January 13 9:26 am
On Sept 19, 2007 I left a message here (page 10) about what I did to stop them.  I havent heard from them since.  Just so you dont have to scroll all the way to page 10 - the calls with no one on the line are computer generated.  Once you pick up the phone, the computer tells this skanky company what time you are home or are taking calls.  At that time, usually the next day, a real person will call with the whole rude sales pitch.  I accidentally answered a call one morning when I was still asleep and didnt have my glasses on.  There was no one there.  I waited for the next business day for them to call.  They did, and there was someone on the line.  I answered the phone saying "Pierce County Sherriffs Department, how may I direct your call?"  They hung up immediately and havent called back since.  I dont think they will, but if they do I will answer the same way.  You can use any "disguise" you want.  "Attorney Generals (use the name of your states A.G.) Office"  "State Mental Health Department", etc.  Use your own imagination and wit.  But, make sure you report them.  There are many links in the following pages that will help you make a complaint to the Florida Attorney General.  I did, and I recieved a letter from him this morning telling me that he has had many, many complaints.  And that he is doing all he can to make it stop.  Be smart, be heard.

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