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December 4 10:53 am
I called my own cellphone from my skype account because I couldnt find my phone, and this number is what came up I think is a generic skype number that shows up when you do a skype call when u dont have an actual skype phine #

December 4 7:40 am
I had two rings before caller disconnected.

December 4 10:54 am
Some one named Claire Johnson called my mom says they got 2 charges out on me. I called them back and talked to a guy they said its from a loan in 2008 that I had paid twice. They want $1,337 or I am going to court and could do 1-3 years incarcerated or probation.

December 4 10:17 am
Block them by using these codes( 000 000-0001) (100-000-0) (000 000-0)the one that end in number 1 is good also for Unavailable 1 and private 1 when come up on your caller ID but use all three and never worry about them anymore.

December 4 11:56 am
Calls all freakin day! Its a college that I haven't applied to and won't stop calling! Plz make it app sux becuz its constantly showing me when the blocked # is calling me and I dnt want 2 c it

December 4 1:00 pm
I just said the person they were looking for (yes, me) was not there. No one with that name. They said thanks. Then I added their number to by blocked list. Problem solved.

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