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December 4 8:27 pm
They absolutely can not ask for your social security number, or credit card information if you are calling them. About the only thing they can ask for is a phone pin/password to verify your identity, or your date of birth. If they are getting you to call them back (hanging up before you can answer, meaning you have to call them in order to speak to someone) and THEN they ask for more information, then clearly their is something up. I cant find any association with this number to Capital One that is legitimate, and why wouldnt Linda use her last name (same call for me, today, they called me 4 or 5 times), and she hasnt addressed me by my name in the voicemail, either. Sounds like a scam to me! Also I am completely up to date on my bill so what important business matter would need to be resolved with this random [***] LINDA? . Ill tell you NONE. Because its a scam!

December 4 3:04 pm
This person is playing on the phone.

December 4 12:53 am
set appointment and flaked

December 4 12:10 am
it seemed long distance so i didnt pick up

December 4 9:21 pm
They do not hack your phone!! It is just a collection company called Vision Financial.

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