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September 21 1:08 am
Please be aware this is definitely a scam and unprofessional call. I refused the loan and politely hung up. The person called back and stated [***] you gonna take this loan. I decline again this person called back and began to call me [***], [***], hoe, [***], sorry [***] American, etc. I hung up again. This person called back read off my personal information (address, ss#, etc.) and stated that he would cut my head off. Thats when I got the police involved. I have never experienced such ignorance and I Pray that I never have to face this type of individual again. Americans BEWARE!

September 21 2:59 am
Debt collectors harrassing me over debt allegedly owed by someone I have never heard of. They provide no contact details other than a number leading to a robot that demands my SSN, and there is no way to tell them that they have the wrong number.

September 21 8:01 pm
calls and no one is there,and hangs up.

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