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July 19 8:13 pm
She, just like all the other crooked collection agencies, will not get busted because these crooked collection agencies pay the authorities off. The authorities tell the consumers what they want to hear and nothing happens after that. Im speaking from experience. I sent documentation to an agency that was suppose to protect consumers and I called two weeks later and was told they never got the letter (but it didnt come back to me). Also, watch out for the attorney you might make a complaint to about a crooked collection agency because that attorney will more than likely try to collect from you and the crooked collection agency. I know this is the last thing you wanted to hear, but think about it...why do you think these crooked collection agencies stay in business so long after thousands of complaints and lawsuits come their way? Too many people in authority are getting paid off, so nothing every happens...a lot of hands is in the pot. Its like the time E.F. Hutton cleaned many of their customers out and nothing happened because the all the authorities who could have did something was getting paid off.

July 19 12:05 pm
Was working tonight, my two kids at home and old enough to be at home alone. My daughter (12) got her new laptop today and had just finished setting it up when the phone rang. She answered and the man with an eastern accent said he was from Microsoft and told her she was in trouble and she needed to immediately go to her computer. My son (15) was sitting with her but she did not had the phone to him. He was scaring her telling her she had viruses, and she started crying and hung up on him. Called me immediately at work. She was sooo scared and believed she had done something to her brand new computer and didnt want to touch it anymore. I came home right away..poor thing. If they call my house, they will be the ones to be scared!!! Ive told the kids not to answer any 800 this number as well as 914-271-9628 that called my house last night and hung up. I returned the call which the number has been disconected...however that is possible, Ill never know. I googled that number and says its scam Microsoft. How are we to know anymore!? I so hope the call me! What can we do to stop this?

July 19 10:39 am
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July 19 3:08 pm
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