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November 12 9:29 pm
please call the new york state attorney general to report this company if you feel they have violated the fdcpa. allegedly they are over-collecting by extortion. which means inflating the balance of your payday loan and get you to pay it by threatening you, which is illegal. the charge for doing this, actually, is called grand larceny by extortion and carries a criminal charge. Individuals working there as well as the owner could be prosecuted for instances of over collects by extortion and other violations. They cannot arrest you for not paying a debt, they cannot seize your assets or belongings, they do not and will not have you served, if you are able, tape the conversations in states where it is legal to do so, and provide them to law enforcement. Perhaps current employees would want to report what is going on there before they go down with the ship.just a thought from a friendly industry lawyer who knows. by the way, you can reach the New York State Attorney General at 716-853-8400.

November 12 4:11 am
Pay your debt and they will stop calling!

November 12 4:20 pm
Got a text message requesting my husband to call usbank. My husband said he needed to press 1 to remedy the problem. Thank God he called me before he pressed 1. Since all of the text messages came within the last hour (we are watching the Broncos also) I am pretty sure this a scam.

November 12 6:35 am
The number that came up was only (253)-638-27. The automated call said "This is First Source Bank calling. We regret to inform you that your debit card has been locked. Please push 1 for more information." I don't use that bank so I hung up and "Bing-ed" the phrase "Debit card has been locked" and found others have been reporting this for years!

November 12 7:23 pm
I get a phone call from this number almost everyday sometimes twice in the same day. I called my local phone company (ROGERS) and told the lady with whom I was speaking with to call the number at her expense because I will not call that number to figure out WHO it IS or WHY they are calling. So she calls and guess what, IT'S ROGERS calling about promotions. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

November 12 4:00 am
I received phone call from this number / no company named / only that they were a attorney, demanding a return call.  No comment why I need to call them or what is related to.

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