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Latest Comments for 310-838

September 21 3:19 pm
It DOES NOT work! They might be in it together! donotcall SELLS the phone numbers!

September 21 1:29 am
Just a called today - no voice mail.

September 21 5:40 pm
I had to block this phone number, they called me probably 15 times and left 2 second messages until today. It said "this call is for xxxx xxxx. If this is not them please do not listen to this voicemail. If this is them please listen. Please do not listen if there are other people around who can hear this voicemail." and it cut off. I called him back private and he would not even give me his name or the company name unless I told him my information which of course I was not going to do. He hung up on me and I am just very freaked out by this guy knowing my first AND last name.

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