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Latest Comments for 310-881

January 26 12:29 pm
Just received a text from stating I am this months victor. Information on claiming can be found at 305.6020983. I replied STOP to stop getting texts from them. Definitely a SCAM. How can I be a victor if I havent entered a contest??? LOL

January 20 6:36 am
they might be Don t put anything pAst those people.

January 13 12:07 am
I just switchef from Verizon to Sprint. Never got these calls when I was with Verizon, now Im getting them 5 or 6 times a day.

January 26 3:33 pm
Called and said the factory warranty on my vehicle had expired. They ovviously had the wrong number!

January 6 4:06 am
Have gave me the number to call back to - 206-201-2309. Said his name was John Richardson and was trying to give me government grant money. He said he needed my Debit card number to be able to transfer the money to my bank. I hung up and called the number back and Nick Richardson answered and said that they would transfer the money to the western union but I had to make a deposit of $150 first, for the government to make sure my identity was right...

January 26 12:41 pm
Received a call today. No message left. It's probably one of the online pharmacies. I get calls from them almost daily. Oh, and my number is on the worthless DNC list...

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