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January 11 5:49 pm
This is true. I got a call earlier today from this number ( 661-748-0240 ). Since it was unfamiliar, I did the ole Google search & found this thread. I was in a meeting & had the phone off, so the call went straight to voicemail. Based on most of what I read here, I was prepared for either total silence or some scam spiel. Turned out to be a friend using Skype to call from Russia to say she had arrived safely. So if you have friends abroad who use Skype to remain in touch, you might well see this number legitimately pop up on your Caller ID

January 11 8:27 pm
Recieved call from same number in Oct. 2014. Did not answer & no message left. Many call from different numbers,so best not to answer if you do not know the number. If it is important they should leave a message. If they do not want their voice recorded on your phone then consider it a RED FLAG & A SCAM. Check number out,like I did here to see if others received calls & for more info. about caller. Report it to your local news to investigate it,as the do not call list does not work well with these callers!~GOOD LUCK!

January 11 5:43 am
Did you find out who she is?

January 11 12:14 pm
I was just packing my cruisewear. I guess I'll stop

January 11 10:49 pm
Thats what happened to me.

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