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Latest Comments for 312-445

January 23 4:05 pm
ID: SERVICE CARE. I read yalls comments, then decided to call this number. Dialed. long pause before standard phone company msg; We are sorry but this number is no longer in service, etc, etc. This may well be some kid experimenting around. Then they will check out what we are saying on line for chuckles. It does no good to get in a rage over it thus raising your own blood-pressure.

January 19 1:48 pm
I have received multiple calls on my cell phone from this number over the past few days. Since I don't recognize the number, I always let it go to voicemail, hoping they'll leave a message, but they never do.

January 25 11:16 am
The number calls me everyday

January 25 11:24 am
This guy has called at 4 times a day, for the past year. He claims I have around 15K in credit card dept and he can help. I have informed him many times that I don't have half that, and I am not interested. I have asked many times, to be put on the no-call list. He hangs up before I finish. He calls back from a day later from a different number, and says "Hi..., I spoke with you tow days ago and you said you were busy, and asked me to give you a call back". I am fed up with him. I never know when to answer, because he calls from different numbers all the time. I had my phone provider block the number for 2 months. It didnt do any good because they call from different numbers. He called one day, and I handed the phone to my husband. The guy got mad and cussed my husband out. My phone provider said the only way to stop this is, if enough people complained to the FBI. Dont know if this would actually work or not. I cannot tell you how fed up I am.

January 24 2:08 pm
I've never had any dealings with this company

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