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January 18 7:50 am
Just got a call from this number, sounded like when I answered phone kicked over to somewhere, woman asked if my husband was home when I said no she said she would call back later, before I could get a word in edge wise,called the number back said it was not in service?

January 8 10:26 am
The number is from capitalone. THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY. MONEY TALKS, THEY ARE INHUMAN AND DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. When my husband lost his job and I was working 1 full time teaching job and 3 part time jobs. I fell behind in our bills trying to support us both. I called and explained to Capital One that I cant afford to pay them more then $200 a month and that my minimum payment was $1,500. The late fees and finance charges where $300-$500 a month, so I could never pay the balance of what I owed unless they stoped charging me all of these extra fees. I explained that I wanted to pay them what I charged on the card but I couldnt keep up with the constant raise in price. Especially since it had been 9 months since I had charged anything and yet the balance was increasing by leaps and bounds on a card I wasnt using. They said unless if could come up with a $1,500 payment in 5 days they would not be able to lower the fees. Obviously I couldnt come up with the money so I called a lawyer. The credit card company refused to work with me and a credit card balance of $2,500 worth of charges ended up being $10,000 worth of debt! No hassel my foot! All hassel, no help! Now I am paying a Lawyer too!

January 27 3:17 pm
Block them by using these codes( 000 000-0001) (100-000-0) (000 000-0)the one that end in number 1 is good also for Unavailable 1 and private 1 when come up on your caller ID but use all three and never worry about them anymore.

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