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Latest Comments for 317-299

July 26 3:14 pm
I been getting a call from 866-379-2003 I dont know who it is and what they want they call and then hang up and we are getting tired of them calling us

July 26 4:47 pm
My wife got this text too. Im not sure what would happen if you text back but you probably dont want to try. It sure is some kind of scam.

July 26 5:04 pm
do not call has not worked for me. AS SOON as i walk in the door, day or nite, or first thing in the am; this stupid number calls. i almost wonder if its a spoofer id. harrassment is ILLEGAL and NO ONE does anything about this.

July 26 4:38 am
Call cops he like havein sex wit lil kids

July 26 11:18 pm
Phone call on Friday morning at 10:45. Seattle Children's Hospital Neurology.

July 26 7:18 pm
Who the hell this caller is? Calls every day and keep mum. I guess want to listen what product I don't have in my home so that they can call from some other number and can take the oder through phone. IDIOTS

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