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Latest Comments for 317-951

February 16 11:44 am
The same people have been calling my phone everyday, several times each day. This last time, I was explaining to the lady that I wanted off the list when she rudely interupted me. When I called her out about the interuption she said Excuse me but I think that YOU interupted ME! Have a VERY Merty Christmas!(the tone was sarcastic) Then she hung up on me.

February 16 9:17 pm
These piece of crap people need to get a real job instead of trying to scam innocent people out of money! Thats what we do in the good old USA work for our money. I hope the feds find these scum and pur them away for a very long time. Im fine will my hard earned tax dollars going for that!!! By the way ABC news had a story this morning pretaining to people like this!

February 16 8:27 pm
Same here. Continue to call but no messages.

February 16 9:24 am
Service magic. Constent pain in my a** they are scam artist avoid them.

February 16 3:55 pm
3 calls no messages left...pranker?

February 16 8:46 pm
They call me SEVERAL times a day. EVERY DAY!!! They don't give a sh-t if I'm on the "DO NOT CALL" List. F-cking annoying.

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