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July 26 6:06 am
I have been paying my account on time every month. I had a problem and I called to ask if I could skip the next month. (22 days ahead of time) I was given to a supervisior named Anessa Schoelch and she tore into me as if I was a piece of trash. I had never missed a payment. She threatened to garnish my wages and would not let me talk. Did not want to hear me say anything. She was brash and rude. I will never answer another phone call from them and I will never make another payment to them! Ole girl, pissed me off.

July 26 2:09 pm
Call blocker might help. Also dont pick up on numbers you dont recognize. Theres a group going around calling people and trying to scare them into paying something. Been doing it for awhile. No one seems to know where they are located. So its hard to make a complaint to the authorities.

July 26 11:59 am
Called my cell 3 times repeatedly left no message this is so aggravating to deal with crooks and scalawags trying to rip off senior citizens like myself who live on fixed income

July 26 2:19 am
I got this same number at home, and this guy calls saying that there is a problem with my computer when there isnt anything wrong with it.I try to find out who he is, but he says he couldnt hear me. So, I hung up and 2 seconds later he calls back.

July 26 1:33 am
I received multiple phone calls to my cell phone from 315-307-2659 claiming that they were with the Publisher's Clearing House and I needed to claim my $450,000 cash prize. In order to do so, I had to get my "claims receipt" and pay the leftover 5% of taxes that the IRS did not pay. I had proceeded multiple times to be kind and say I am not interested but grateful. They continued to harass me and leave voicemails.

July 26 5:42 am
my bill was charged for a text message from (209) 534-4086 -- my phone does not text.

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