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January 11 8:34 pm
you were interpreted porn film (music award) or this book holder for his own private and family use any projection or even free public riguresement is prohibited ( use the radioffusion , television or tlvision tldistrubution prohibited under the law of 11 march 1957 and yet jennifer raped the 1957.

January 11 9:29 am
yeah, I am on Verizon Wireless and thats who is doing the calling. I went to the sales office and they said they didnt know what to do but to go to the web site or call 611. I did both of those things but it was a waste of my time. They both were dead end streets. Im thinking of switching service providers, thats all I can do. One call I was able to catch was a Wells Fargo Visa Card agent.

January 11 11:27 pm
I just had this happen... they just say Goodbye.

January 11 3:11 am
Who b u, what are u call fo,, lose ma number

January 11 5:58 pm
111-686-5399 calls my phone several times a day; how can I get this stopped?

January 11 2:37 pm
if you call my phone again i will make it my mission to find you and strangle you. call me all the time all hours of the day and just hang up. fed up with it you spam asshole

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