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Latest Comments for 330-276

January 6 8:20 pm
When you call back it only goes for 8 sec

January 17 1:47 pm
Who is this number,, anyone know,,,they call around my neighborhood....

January 8 12:54 am
repeatedly calls and we NEVER answer as it is a strange number and area is alabama. dont know anyone in alabama

January 12 7:10 am
I too having been receiving calls from this number. First, they called my son who lives 800 miles away from me and told him it was an emergency that they reach me because my bank account had been hacked. Thankfully my son contacted me and gave me a heads up. I decided to answer to see what tall tales they would spout. Told me I had a federal warrant for my arrest and they needed my address to serve it. I told them fine send the sheriff after me (I don't owe anyone anything). They tried numerous times to call but I ignored the calls.  It's been several weeks now with no more calls and surprise no warrant has been served. I don't understand how these scammers can get away with using scare tactics on hard working people. I did report this number.

January 12 3:02 am
They didn't leave a message

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