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Latest Comments for 330-666

July 16 2:41 am
They tried breaking into my email 3 times.

July 16 7:09 am
This is NOT Microsoft. We got the same phone call and same number. We called Microsoft about it, and they assured us its a scam. We gave them the name and and phone number that he called from. That number was 231-629-4824. This guy also had a heavy Indian accent. We told him to call back in half hour. The lady from Microsoft gave us a direct number where we could reach her at, cause she wanted to know if he called back or not. NO information was given to him whatsoever. NOW, the strange part, as Im reading all these responses, is he DID call back half hour later, BUT the phone number showed Skype user 661-748-0240. So we called the Microsoft lady back, and she said evidently the 2 are connected together in some way. She thanked me and said they will investigate this. Oh yes, check this one out also: we couldnt hardly understand him cause of his accent, and we wanted his name. So he said each letter one by one like A as in apple. That way. WELL, the name spelled out Andrew Austin. Some Indian name, huh.

July 16 2:08 pm
Got a call from this number yesterday around 4pm, and today around 5pm, who ever it is does not leave a message.  I'm on the Fed Do Not Call list so I'll be reporting them today.

July 16 2:25 am
Threats, heavy breathing. Cussing.

July 16 11:27 am
Spam scam.. ..blocked, BAM!

July 16 11:04 pm
Got a call today. No message

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