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Latest Comments for 334-737

July 19 1:43 pm
I have sign up and re-signed up for the nocall thing and I still get tons of calls every single day. It is so aggravating and I dont answer any call that I dont know who it is. I have been getting unrestricted calls for the last few days and I will not answer them either.

July 19 10:24 am
This number keeps calling my home phone. I tried to call it back and I get a full voicemail box. I tried using 0 to get an operator - nothing. I blocked them on my phone but it still rings once and that is just as annoying. They call about 5 times per day. What company is this? Does anyone know?

July 19 5:38 pm
I got a call but didnt answer. The caller ID said NJ, USA. I dont know anyone there. I tried calling back later & got a recording. It seems this number is no longer in service. Somebody is definitely up to no good.

July 19 1:06 pm
im very mad now,i wish these people will get cought.i have a new born baby,an for them to text all night shows you what kind of stupids they are.get a life,get a real stop using dont even have the balls to answer you phone.grow the hell up.mad as hell!!!!!!

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