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Latest Comments for 336-330

2016-03-17 19:02:32
left a message on my answerer from Luntz Global, saying they want to pay me $200 to attend a financial focus group.  

2016-03-17 13:50:14
Received a call 12-07-09. Woman identified herself as Dawn Milohe. She said she was doing a 10 second phone survey on health and asked \"does anyone in your family smoke\"? But she had my name and number and asked for me by my full name.

2016-03-17 21:31:35
Patrick spent two hours setting up an appointment and then canceled 5 minutes before he was to arrive.. Complete time waster.Signed escort

2016-03-17 05:14:53
I just receive a letter with a boarding voucher from carnival for two.

2016-03-17 08:30:59
I never had services in CT and I get the calls weekly!!

2016-03-17 19:00:01
I had these guys calling me, too. They had Indian accents, and this was before I was saavy enough to know not to respond. I had a hysterectomy in February, but I have insurance through the Department of Defense. They did not have my name, and I didnt give it to them. However, I did acknowledge that I had had a hysterectomy. I said I didnt have a case, hadnt experienced any problems. They called me back several times, once this month. I told them I didnt care, and hung up.When they think theyve got a bite, they always get another person to handle the second part of the phone call. That is also the way the IRS scammers operate. Look it up on youtube - you will hear examples of actual telephone conversations between the scammers and their targets. Put in keywords like gynecology surgery compensation scam, and if you are so inclined check out the so called Indian Revenue Service or IRS scams, they seem to operate similarly.

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