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Latest Comments for 336-446

August 10 11:57 am
I got a text last night asking to please Text back and that it had naughty pics to send to me. Tried to forward and it said Not editable meaning it Id a phone number looking to phish info. Im reporting

August 10 10:48 am
Number belongs to USAA and is used for robocalls seeking info

August 10 6:12 pm
Annoying as heck!! Calls everyday even afta being told wrong #

August 10 10:54 pm
They also charged me for a purchase I never made.

August 10 3:14 pm
This A-hole called and asked for the manager. I told him the standard answer. I am sorry sir he is not here can I take a message or help you with something. He asked me if I was the answering service and I told him no that I am the office manager and then asked him again if there was something that I could help him with. He asked me if he could have the boss' number and I told him that I would be more than happy to take a message and pass it on. He said no, so i asked him if there was something that I could do for him and he told me not to be so rude and hung up on me. I felt really bad because I was not being mean, I called the number back and apoligized to him and asked why he felt that I was being rude. He told me because all I could do was ask him if there was something that I could help him with and that when he wants to do business that he would like to speak to the owner and that he decided to take his business else where. So glad that i googled the number because i felt horrible and now I hope that a truck runs over his foot!

August 10 5:54 am
This number is a telemarketer and they don't stop calling my mobile phone....

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