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October 15 4:13 pm
Account Services phoned from 469-458-9075 on 12/06/14 and left no message. Therefore it was clearly not important. I never answer calls from anyone I dont know, including Name not found, Unknown, Service department, etc. Once I did accidentally answer one of those calls from This is Windows and something is wrong with your computer. Thats like getting a call from This is Kleenex and something is wrong with your nose. When I asked him which of my several computers, he was not able to tell me which one. How surprising!! My son told me of a friend with a computer he was about to trash, so, for fun, he let them fix it and it was, as expected, totally trashed. DONT ANSWER!

October 15 1:26 am
first of all. feds dont have to call your number to put on a wire tap. the feds listen to every cell phone call there is. freedom baby its called the Patriot Act.. the all zeros coming up on the phone is a cheap bill collector or somebody selling something. so as long as youre not a meth cook or pedophile dont worry about it

October 15 8:01 pm
what up? not good at finding u

October 15 3:52 am

October 15 11:05 pm
Name is Brad. Hangs up when I answer.

October 15 10:24 am
Why did you take money out of my account?

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