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October 15 8:10 pm
A man called who identified himself as Collin O'Brien. He was looking for someone who doesn't live here. He demanded I get a pencil and paper and write down his phone number in case I should see the person he was looking for. He refused to give me anymore information. The called ID came up as Tate & Kerlin with a number of 267-295-9114. The call back number he gave me was 800-355-0333 ext 158. Then he hung up on me.

October 15 9:40 pm
Took this call. Guy with poor english saying he was from tech support and how could i not know that I had problems with my computer. He was going to give me some license number I think that I was supposed to type into a website (could have this part wrong). When I asked him if he thought I was going to give him access to my computers, he said he wasn't. I then accused him of being a scammer. He raised his voice and me and told me he wasn't. I didn't stay on the line long enough to hear any more. Hung up.

October 15 2:19 pm
A machine came on and it was in Spanish, then it hung up...

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