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September 21 4:32 pm
got same calls from 000 000-0 what you have to do to stop the calls is turn on your call block on your phone and put this in the block list this way 000 000-0 and all unavailable and private calls will stop it worked for me have not gotten anymore calls for three months now.

September 21 7:10 am
Just got a call at 2:15 a.m PST from this number. I picked up only to be hung up on by automated female recording. Whoever is doing this scam, calling past midnight, has been calling my household from several different numbers throughout the year and Im frankly fed up with their bs. They have never spoken to me except for the first time they called last year claiming to be Microsoft Tech Support, telling me the usual we detected your computer has been hacked and were calling to provide support bs. Its funny though because Im a Mac user and when I told that to the person on the other side of the line he immediately hung up.

September 21 2:16 pm
Final notice on credit cards

September 21 4:16 pm
I placed an order on and he called verifying my address before shipping. Its a legit number, it was an Indian guy though and he was sort of hard to understand. I knew what he was calling for because I just placed the order a few hours before he called and I could just barely make out what he was saying. :)

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