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January 5 6:48 pm
Said i had a bad check for fraud and to get my attorney to call them. These people call all the time and uses different phone numbers. I do not deal with debt collectors cause their are to many scammers out there. Especially someone i do not know and from a different state.

January 8 2:44 pm
Using the and any other of those websites still dont work. You still get tons of unwanted calls from salespeople and surveys and whatnot. I have my house phone and cell phone both on the list and it doesnt help for either one. If anything it makes it worse.

January 22 6:00 pm
Same thing only i hear a beep just before it says goodbye and disconnects.

January 8 1:29 am
My brother received a call today from that same 000-000-0- asking questions about the phone he is using- I told the caller he had to call back since I couldnt answer his questions because it wasnt my phone. He said thank you and hung up.My brother has one of the free gov. phones and that is the phone they called on.He had a call from his worker coming in regarding what info to bring w/ im and didnt want to miss the call while he was getting ready to go to their meetingIm wondering if this is something to do with that?

January 23 10:21 am
I made the mistake of calling back from my cell now he bothers me on both numbers. I talked to a guy yesterday saying I won 2.5 million. I just need to pay by credit card $350 to receive the money by 2 today. I got upset, I said Ill pay you when it gets here. No you pay now understand? He spoke in a thick accent. I hung up. The next day the same number but a different voice with a not so strong accent calls. I am now screening my calls. 702-516-0570 called my cell 4 times , my house 2 times left 1 massage on cell. He talked to my husband only asking for me not leaving a message only a number. The message left on my cell Mr. Peter James clams department agent for MGM Grand thats in Los Vegas Nevada, call back as quickly as possible, as quickly as you can.

January 7 10:02 am
ROBOCALL: WN Positions - missed the initial call so I called back only to be greeted by an auto-attendant that said "the reason we called you is that while online you indicated that you were looking for jobs in the area" [paraphrased] -- Never have, never will. If I can't send a resume, I do not leave a number at a random site. This is bogus BS - Spam company for sure!

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