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Latest Comments for 361-205

January 13 1:39 pm
I got these calls for weeks and you know its a scam so after politely asking to be taken off their list I bought a really loud whistle i only got two calls from that number again it will mess up their hearing but only for a while

January 24 8:26 pm
Do Not Call list stops the law-abiding telemarketers. But that leaves a lot of skanks who ignore that and any other laws they want to. Your only real protection is a call blocker device. Mine is a Sentry. and since I plugged it in, not one single crap call has gotten through. Two short rings and it is gone.

January 16 4:14 am
cheats on his wife tries to buy pussy

January 3 5:33 pm
Please stop calling me am not Mary Anna. Thank u

January 26 9:27 am
keep getting text messages from this number - have replied "STOP" but that hasn't helped, would really like to know who they are so that I can call and talk to them and tell them to stop.

January 17 8:39 am
If they haven't, or won't, provide written proof of their claim...the only "cops" that would be appearing would be when they serve a subpoena on the bogus debt collector.

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