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January 7 2:47 pm
Wow... I wonder where you work.

January 11 1:16 pm
I ordered pink armour nail gel and they are calling to confirm the shipping address but then they try to sell a shoppers advantage and budget savers membership for 29.99 per month. Its easier to return the call and then just tell them that you are only interested in what you have already ordered. Its a sales pitch and you can get rid of them by simply telling them no. They called my phone several times every day for about 4 days then I decided to call them back.

January 11 5:09 am
I received text messages from Connelly Saltsman at (904) 800-8743, on 8 November. I was so eager to sell my car I fell for the exact same scam; got me fro $2,000. Ive worked in IT for over 20 years, I saw all the red flags, and still went forward with the deal. On that day my stupidity knew no bounds. The scam used GreenDot cards and PayPal. These [***] need to be stopped.

January 19 12:13 am
Bill continuously calls and asks for student's personal information so that he can get a hold of them again. He once came in to our office and brought a rose to one of our student workers. He is completely inappropriate and will not stop harassing us even though we have asked him many times to stop calling. He gets irate when I realize who he is and don't give him the information he is asking for.

January 28 6:57 am
Asking if I wanted to make more cash

January 19 12:04 pm
I got a call this afternoon, claiming my debit card has been deactivated

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