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2016-06-20 20:29:50
I got the same phone call like 5 minutes ago and I live in South Carolina and it was the exact same, telling me that if I don\'t call back immed. that he wishes me luck as the situation unfold on me, what is this the MOB. I mean, I understand that this is his job but \"these\" people are really taking it too far. If you wants something from me or if I owe you something then send me a LETTER WITH PROOF. The number that showed up on my phone was 240-216-5363 but then the prick who calls me leaves me a 209-796-3712 and his name is Scott McColsen (??accent hard to understand last name). This is just another number I will be adding to my Mr Number call block list.

2016-06-20 13:32:24
Got a robocall from this number from a company offering reduced credit card payment rates, with a pitch worded to fool people into thinking they were calling from a card they already have.  It asked me to press 1, so trying to get the name of the company I did.  While on hold, it thanked me for \"returning\" their call, and a lady answered with the greeting \"account services\".  There are so many unsavory and outright illegal tactics in place in this single phone call I don\'t know where to start.

2016-06-20 19:20:09
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