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Latest Comments for 401-872

September 21 7:21 am
Um. A legitmate check yes..But with this chk comes automatic subscriptions and a right to autodraft.Only a fool would cash these checks.These kind of check are how they will steal your money and do it some what legally because you authorized them by cashing the check.Cashing these is the #1 way to get into peoples accts.Your brother or yourself is getting ripped off... Its a scam even if you are getting $$, it wont be long before they start takig it.Similar reports to this are where after a few weeks of giving you they then take everything you have ... In my moms case that would easily be a lot of $.But in the case of online bill payment processing... it is so generic that its obviously not a legitiamte usuable chk.

September 21 3:59 am
The complaint part on the do not call gov site is no longer active. I cant find a way to report a number :-(

September 21 9:19 pm
This is the second time in less than 24 hours that I have received a call showing this caller ID number.  Once again it was the same story.  I have won a trip and they need my credit card number.  This is an illegal SCAM.  Watch out!

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