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January 11 4:19 pm
i also have had the pleasure of recieving these calls from this number 1-800-806-3342, and they said they were from allied collections regarding my sprint bill, and wanted my last 4 of my social, they already knew it they said, then they read it out to me, and they were right they did know it. appearently they are a collection agency, an immorral collection agency but one none the less. as of today they have called me about 25 times regarding my sprint bill. i told them that i was not going to be paying it because sprint added about 400 extra minutes over the limit to my account, and about 90 extra text messages which i did not use, i told them i wouldnt pay for something i havent done! in total it came out to about a $500 bill, normally i pay $120 a month, now they want me to pay them $500. my wife used to work for SPRINT, she has told me in the past that members of the managers staff, and all the higher ups get phones and free minutes and free texts, basically free everything, and we the consumer pays for it. usually its a couple extra minutes a month on our accounts, and a few extra text messages, stuff that the normal person wont notice, and that way you just go right ahead and pay for it, we pay for the a@$holes to have free phones and free usage! they are taking advantage of us, and i think its about time we ALL rebel, start a revalution, overthrow the big companies, and anything else that deserves it. anyone or any company( the goverment is a company also) that tries to bully, and trick the very people who make their existence possible into being dooped and belittled should kneel before a revolution, i mean where is the morality, and the love? maybe we all should show them what tough love is, anyway sorry for venting, felt good though-everyone stand up for yourselves, and stand up for what you beleive in, be good, goodbye!

January 7 3:36 pm
youre right. political and charitable calls are exempt from do not call lists. the DNC has worked for me in that LEGITIMATE organizations that follow the law dont call me anymore. Outside the political and charitable calls, the only other are spammers/phishers who are not following the law anyway, so I wouldnt see why they would bother to respect the list. I dont bother to report to the numbers anymore because the govt wont take the time to actually track down these illegal shops. Theyre too much of a moving target. the bottom line is that if someone dials your specific 10 digit number, your phone will ring. Any or all of their source information may be fictitious, so all you can do is block them on your end. Even still, theyre a moving target anyway, so the next time the source number is different than what youve blocked.

January 21 7:47 am
Yea, this number just called me earlier today.  I made some light screaming type noises and told them I was in the bathroom and to call back later.  She said "oh" and hung up.

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