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September 10 1:09 am
They are currently doing a survey for one of our hotly contested sheriffs races here in Salinas-they have been calling me twice a day and I finally picked up the phone and asked why they were calling and etc and said Id answer your survey if you would quit calling---half way thru the survey (it was to take 12 minutes he said) I said if you are only calling me about this one subject, the sheriff race, all my other answers are going to be I dont give a damn and the guy said thank you for your time and hung up. Mission accomplished!

September 10 2:46 pm
What you need to do is tell them you do not want to receive their calls, and make sure you do a opt out with all the political parties. Then, if you receive calls, go that persons web site and under their contact us page, write them and tell them to place you on their internal dnc list and also there is a political do not call you can sign up for. I did and also tell them to use that list and give them the url for it. I have not gotten any calls for years now. Not even political surveys. So it does help to follow the steps. The other thing that will help, if you have a cell phone, if it doesnt already have call blocking, there are free call blocking apps online you can get for some phones. If you have a land line, google call blocking devices. There are phones also available with call blocking but they do not hold as many numbers as devices do. Many of the devices run around 60.00

September 10 4:05 pm
This number called wanting to speak to Evelyn. I am not Evelyn and have no idea how they got my number. I have also gotten similar calls from Florida, Minnesota, Delaware, Ohio, and Pennsylvania over the last 3 days. What in the world is going on????

September 10 8:52 am
he is harassing me thru text

September 10 2:17 am
Got another call from these people.  Siad that they had a law suit against me.  Told them to send me something in the mail.  When I told them that I was going to report them to the FCC, they hung up.

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