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January 3 8:07 pm
caller id Jamestown CA. Typical scammer, no message. I shut the answering machine off while home and use caller id to see if I want to answer. This way they dont get the idea somone is at the number (because theres an answering machine answering) and they may be less inclined to call back later. Hey. I can dream cant I?!?!

January 19 1:00 pm
I have been getting calls from this number for about a year, one time they will say they are trying to serve papers to a person I do not know. David Hill had left a number to call back got the company name William Sanders & Assoc. # 888 317 6320 I called and David was out in the field. Next step was to call someone from Rip Off Report and they told me they are a scam and may have to change my number I have received about 18 calls from different numbers for this person, OutSource Solution, BMG Financial, and many other people Linda Williams 2xs would not give out her company # and tried to explain the FDCPA rules and hung up. Call her she is fun to talk to 512 271 1982 and say you are Tiffany Ryals. They will not take our # out of their system. Doug Larson, Sarah Ston 2xs trying to serve papers I called back nd said serve them freaking idiots.

January 20 6:29 am
I live in Canada and the same thing with my carrier this had been going on for about 2 weeks 3-4 times a day so i bought a whistle and twice they called and i just blew the whistle as loud as i could They dont call me anymore i think everyone should go to get a loud whistle it really messes their hearing up for a while.

January 19 7:03 pm
All my numbers are on do not call lists at state and federal level. This may reduce calls but it does not stop them.

January 17 4:40 am
2532468530 they called me asking if I was a home owner. It was a lady sounded asian. Asked for a christina I said wrong number then they contined to ask me ????,s

January 7 9:22 pm
Says fix your credit today

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