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Latest Comments for 402-817

January 4 12:29 am
Totally misleading messages in mailing associated with this phone, 877-394-6777. Official looking, black and white with FINAL ATTEMPT to reach me; IMMEDIATE ACTION needed; TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL, YOUR FACTORY WARRANTY on your (fill in the blank) MAY BE OR IS ABOUT TO EXPIRE. OMG... Im so scared Ill have to call this unscrupulous company? However scum companies like this get consumer information like this out to be illegal.

January 28 1:55 pm
try this website and you will not get no more spam phone calls i guarentee you it works. I dont get no annoying calls at all. I have been like this for the past 4 years. If I change my number I make sure I register my number into this website to prevent annoying calls.

January 19 1:09 am
Caller is Bob Hickman, Total nutcase from some church at 3903 w 10th st.

January 20 7:04 pm
Repeatedly calling for someone who doesn't live at phone number. Dispite being informed of this several times refuses to stop calling.

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