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December 4 12:27 pm
The Do Not Call List has become the problem, not the solution. They make the lists available free of charge to telemarketers so they know who not to call. In fact, the FTC is providing telemarketers a list of good, live telephone numbers that they would otherwise have to pay for.

December 4 8:47 pm
This site charged my account and I never even visited this site before nor did I ever become a member. This appears to be a scam. They need to stop going into peoples account and charging them for crap that they didnt do.

December 4 10:23 am
Saw last nite if they call a cell phone unwanted its a $500 fine

December 4 11:37 pm
This person just called me. Claims his name is James Parker. Sounds like and Indian fellow. Claims he is from Microsoft windows and that my computer sent notification to them that I have viruses. I told him to give me his phone # and I would call him back. Then I googled this number and I am happy I did so. Sounds like some type of scam artist. smh.

December 4 7:56 am
Free iPhone ... enter BETA in at

December 4 5:37 am
Got a call from this number today, 3/15/13 about 423pm. They silently paused after the outgo message, then hung up, not leaving a message. Who is it? Another of the same 'ol?

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