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Latest Comments for 406-890

January 18 12:38 am
Ignore the number or take the call and tell them youknow they are a fraud operation and you have notified authorities.

January 18 10:46 pm
Using the and any other of those websites still dont work. You still get tons of unwanted calls from salespeople and surveys and whatnot. I have my house phone and cell phone both on the list and it doesnt help for either one. If anything it makes it worse.

January 6 11:16 pm
Just my wife trying to earn a quick buck. Please be nice to her she is 7 month pragent with out 12 child.

January 20 9:30 am
Messing with my family from this number I want to know who owns this number

January 5 5:23 am
Ordered Avon from me. Sent a fraudulent check over the amount of the Avon Order cost. And requested I send the extra money back to him/her ASAP.

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