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2016-03-17 09:26:20
Can\'t understand what the guy wants, something about wanting to register me for educational courses. Someone called the day before for the same reason; also could barely understand what was said and call came from another number. The guy even resorted to claiming he could lose his job and I could help save it--or something like that

2016-03-17 01:36:32
Spam saying that you won a Walmart gift card

2016-03-17 01:12:03
Got several calls from dell from indian people, they say they have error reports. They get remote access to your computer and try to sell you maintenance software. They take you to dellconnect and it doesnt accept the code so they connect through third party remote and probably planted something on my pc. They have called me and my dad several times with the same pitch and today I got my first call from 0

2016-03-17 21:33:02
I have also recieved calls from this #623-207-4004. Like you I am unable to find Glendale Industries as a listing. The arae code would cover Glendale, AZ. Them calling me, chance are pretty darn good that I owe them $$. If not a bill collector, then my guess is they are selling something. Either way it really does not matter. Because either way they wont be getting blood out of this turnip!!

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