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January 19 9:44 am
You are the one who dosent know what hes talking about. We were charged 10K on the GE account before the first installer stepped foot in our house. The whole experience was a nightmare and still is 1 1/2 years later. Now the joker wants to take us to small claims court again after almost a year. He didnt even have the courage to come the first time. It got dismissed.

January 21 12:38 am
Called about furthing education.

January 20 7:09 am
It was a call! They clain they have been persistantly been trying to reach me, now that they have its my last chance to lowere my credit card intrest rates!! Thing is I don't own a damn credit card!

January 22 2:37 am
This guy called saying he was from the State of Ca. Business Development Dept.  He kept asking when we were planning on moving (we're not) so I simply stated that we were not making any plans at this time.  He insisted that he needed to help me with the address change. Told him we're quite capable of handling it ourselves.  Asked him several times who he was with and he kept saying State of Ca.  Looked up the 210 area code, Austin Tx!  Reported him to the state.  They're having a fraud investigator look into it.

January 26 7:08 pm
Portfolio Recovery scammers????

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