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January 5 2:42 pm
joanne smith...said she had been trying to reach me for some time. I have never heard of a law suit that was being filed via phone. I took out a payday loan once. I paid it off but didnt pay the interest... just the principle. Finally they wanted the $200 and I paid it (not with Joanne Smith). So I gave them bank info. they went into my account and withdrew $800, TWICE! I had to close my account. These payday loans are unsecured. Most of them tell you that early on however, how can you pay the loan when scammers are calling you and draining your acct? Its a mess. The moral is...dont do a pay day loan. its appealing to get money the next day but they are predatory loans that are not secure and make a mess for everyone involved. if you dont have the money now, you likely wont have it later, plus hundreds in interest.

January 13 12:57 pm
Received the same message as reported above several times now.

January 11 2:00 am
this doesnt work, my phone is registered. these calls still come through.

January 25 8:50 pm
Ashford University keep calling me from different numbers sometimes asking for my name and sometimes asking for someone else i keep telling them 'please place me on do not call list' but they still do not get the point.

January 26 4:25 am
called back, got message saying this number has been disconnected

January 13 6:56 am
I received a similar text about Velocity CU from this number.  Said my card is "TEMPORARY blocked."  I'm going to report this to Velocity.  The "from" field looked like a fake (

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