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Latest Comments for 410-544

June 27 4:39 pm
Recording asked if I had ever taken birth control at 10:17 am

June 27 4:11 am
hung up when voice mail came on. i am on dont call list.

June 27 2:12 am
They told me that I would recieve a 1time tax free grant in the amount of 6,700. Rite after I gave tgem my bankaccount info, he then started to me that I would have to make a refundable deposit of 300 dollars which. I do not have. So I then replied with I declined the grant an would like for them to get rid of my information. He then started to me that he would keep it for a few days, until I could come up with the deposit. I don't understand why I have to pay 300. For a free government grant. An what happens now that they have Mr bankaccount info.

June 27 1:10 pm
3 missed calls in a couple hours - answered phone - dead air

June 27 10:43 pm
Received four calls from this number and they play music .. I called back and it's a girls voice so I hung up. I'm not sure what they want other than to harrass a business and a nice receptionist.

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