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January 25 4:33 pm
I was fed up with the calls. *69 gave me a number to a voice mail, (dont agree to give them your phone #, to take you of their list... that is just a way to use your # again), it states to be smtp data - a division of Rogers. Yet the # is from the states. Dont be sucked in by giving them any info, or cc info. It is a scam. So I called Rogers and informed them. They took all the info down, including the #. They were nice to block that number for me. Supposedly, one person gave them their cc info because they promised a free ipad. Next... no ipad, but a $150 charge on cc. Report these annoying scamming ppl!

January 11 7:17 pm
Right on thats what it is, they found a way to hide their real number. Go to A Guide to Common Scams and how to Protect Yourself.

January 21 6:23 pm
Unwanted calls, how do we stop this? We are on a do not call list.

January 12 2:31 am
I am with verizon and I have the iPhone 5c and I get these 0 calls several times a week. The coincidence is is that they always call at the times I cant answer, like really early in the morning. I need to answer considering I have to tell them not to call me and ask them who it is, but when I call back the recording says that this number cannot be dial and it says to try again later then it just hangs up.

January 28 9:38 pm
Says Dover Downs.... Leave me alone!!!!!!!

January 23 9:31 am
same as all the above, they must have gooton a complete of cell numbers, shut these a***oles down , lock them up and throw away the key

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