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Latest Comments for 410-960

January 11 4:13 am
T-Mobile says they know his real number through and Investigation and complaint with Bureau, and are building a case. This is not this idiots real number: this person is typing this number as a decoy, and using a phony email address, thinking hes invisible. What a dope. Feds will be knocking on his door soon.

January 11 1:23 pm
Just did an investigation of my credit card bill online. normally pay bill with a check, was getting late and charged one month. this phone number came up on my bill next to my charge. Confirmed: AT&T.

January 11 12:13 pm
Update reported number and agency to the Federal Trade Commission. The agency said they were from US Govt Grant agency. There is no agency! Please call the Federal Trade Commission! at: 877-987-3728 and report any phone calls. If you try to call the 585-599-3948 the number has been disconnected. That means they are re-routing the calls. Let all friends and family be aware of these calls!

January 11 6:46 am
Same here, only weird thing is I got the call and right after I got it, My grandfather got one as well. We are on different plans, so that is strange. The stupid thing is the phone only records as (253) 638-27It doesn't save the last 2 numbers so Apple needs to look into this as well and see how they can manipulate the software to do this. Another sad thing is there really is no way to report this to anyone that can do anything. :( Sucks I can't even tell the live person on the other end that I am coming after him because they only use voice recording :(

January 11 5:58 pm
Called twice from this number before 8:30 in AM.  Never pick up any calls from unrecognized number, so don't know if it was a "silent call".  Where is area code 128?  Anywhere?

January 11 8:17 pm
Bought the Fushigi ball as well.  Calls have just started for me.  Very annoying

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