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January 19 7:30 am
I received the same exact letter today for the cruise and airfare. The phone number and the address is the same. 1000 Far Hills Drive, New Freedom, PA happens to be the Hampton Inn. I live very close by and know it is so. Oh, well, I guess that means that I am not going on a free cruise!

January 20 11:59 am
BEWARE - ANGEL LUKE - SCAMMER - CRAIGSLIST - PAYPAL - DONT GIVE OR SEND ANYTHING - REPORT TO FBI -If was a no good Piece of $hit scammer like Angel Luke I would be very concerned for my safety and would definitely look twice - maybe even three times before crossing the road. If you are NOT Angel Luke Stop Reading!!!Hey Angel Luke - we know that isnt your real name!!! Why dont you quit while your ahead before something bad happens to you or you try to scam the wrong person. Ive heard that a lot of retirees move to Florida and some even vacation in Las Vegas. Some of these retirees have nothing better to do than file reports with Federal, State, and local authorities. Hey dont tell anybody this but Ive heard that phones can be tracked and narrowed down to one single address. CRAZY RIGHT!!!

January 26 10:44 pm
Have gotten 4-5 messages on iPhone to call this number. I delete them

January 6 5:13 am
come to room and sit out side playing

January 26 5:10 am
I just got call from this number.  I did not pick up as i don't recognize #

January 14 2:03 pm
so they called me too, Jack was his name.  He called a couple times over the passeed three days and i told him yay fun vaca! and started to give him info and then hung up mid sentence.  he then proceded to call me, literally, 35 times in 15 minutes. not a joke. he also left me voicemails BEGGING to answer his calls.

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