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Latest Comments for 413-623

December 4 11:40 pm
I have Verizon and when I redialed the number, I got a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable.

December 4 3:42 am
Tim for Honda/Acura financial calls me from this number.A few problems I have.1. Like many Americans, I am having a very difficult time with my finances during this time of economic turmoil. My job forced my to take a pay cut in order to keep my job. So at a time were the cost for EVERYTHING is going up, my and many other americans incomes are going DOWN.2. I spoke with this guy TIM, and explained this to him and asked is there any kind of hardship plan for customers how are having these kinds of difficulties? He gave me a flat out NO and asked when I would be making my late payment. Just COLD. They dont care. Its not their job to care.Why would I keep answering the calls and speaking to people like this, to say the same thing over and over? If I had the money to pay my note, id pay it. But its just gonna be late, and TIM has already showed my Honda doesnt care, so to the American Honda Employee above, kiss my a.s.s.Whats the point of having a 3 minute coversation when there is no help, there is no consideration, and there are NO options to talk about. Get off my phone. Jerks.I should have gotten a Cadillac CTS. At least GM has the hardship insurance.

December 4 12:08 pm
Didnt answer. The didnt leave a message

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