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January 7 5:28 am
Received a call from this # They did not leave a message. I called the # back and got a recording. The recording says. Thank you for calling the fund raising center, we can not answer your call at this time. Probably the democratic party trying to raise money. Ive had the democratic party try to solicit me for donations in the past. Funny how the tax and spend democrats try to get you to donate money to them and then raise our taxes and spend our tax money frivolously. Ive never gotten a call from any other political party asking for a donation. What a bunch of [***] holes.

January 10 4:36 pm
Now that I know its Neilsen Ratings I will answer. I have never had them call me before. I have done a few surveys online and one in the mail for them and I have always been paid for them all. $5 is $5. If they are calling you its because you have at some point done a survey for them in the past or signed up for a survey company. I remember when I filled out the info for them it asked what I was willing to do, mail, email, or phone surveys. Perhaps someone else signed up who had your phone number before you did, I know Wal-Mart auto center was calling me for some reason swearing I was someone else, finally figured out they had my number before me, and I have had this number for years!

January 18 7:25 pm
I have Verizon wireless and recd my first call form 000-000-0 tonight, 05/02/14, but Ive had my cell service for years.

January 27 1:42 am
Calls about once a day and never leaves a message.I'm guessing it's some sort of scam/spam. Ignore...

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